Sunday, December 5, 2010

Naughty by Nature

O and I have been having some serious discussions lately about his behavior and whether or not Santa will be bringing him presents this year. He's having some difficulty listening to us and argues about every little thing...what to wear to school, which jammies to wear to bed, what plate to eat on, which shoe to put on first...I know the difference between asserting an opinion and just being argumentative and it's definitely the latter. He even argues with me about whether or not I love him.

Me: I love you Owen.

Owen: No you don't.

Me: Yes I do sweetheart.

Owen: NO YOU DON'T!!!!!

But wait...there's more....

Me: It's raining outside.

Owen: No it's not.

Me: Hey, you pushed me.

Owen: No I didn't.

Me: Please hang your coat up, it doesn't belong on the kitchen floor.

Owen: Yes it does.

Aaaand we could do this all night......

Big O has his own Elf named Georgie who watches over him and reports back to Santa each night. Kind of like Elf on a Shelf but we can't actually see Georgie. I knew he would never believe that a stuffed doll had enough clout to actually follow through with my threats, so it's better this way. Sometimes when things get really bad, I pull out my cell phone and "call" Georgie.

"'s Tammy... Owen's mom. Yes, I just wanted to let you know that Owen is not listening to me again...."

At this point, O is BEGGING for me to hang up the phone. It works like a charm. I have no idea what I will do once Christmas is over!

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