Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Spirit, continued...

People ask me all the time, "How can you have all those decorations out with a 3 year old boy running around??" Well... I can honestly say it's never been a problem. I know... considering how crazy and destructive he is with everything else, I would have never guessed, but O is super careful around everything and he always has been. I don't follow him around or scold him every second either, if that's what you're wondering :) I just tell him that he can look and touch gently but that they are not toys, and amazingly enough, he understands!

This year, I thought it would be really special for Owen to have his own small tree in his room. I knew I wanted to find something different...perhaps a vintage feather tree or a tinsel tree. I looked and looked for weeks and couldn't find anything. Finally, I gave up and bought him a cheesy 4 foot tree from Michaels. That evening, we went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens for their Christmas d'lights show and I stopped in their gift shop to browse. I came across a new (but vintage looking) tinsel tree that was exactly what I had been searching for!

I've been saving a box of Scott's old ornaments from childhood and I knew this little tree would be the perfect backdrop for displaying those cherished items, as well as the ornaments I've been collecting for O each year. He was so excited..."A Christmas tree?? For ME??!!"

I love these old wooden ornaments.

How cute is this??!

A fishing pole!

This one was made by our friend Dana at MommyBrain

This is O's 2010 ornament from Mama :)

And these little piggies hanging out under the tree are from PoPo (Owen was born in the year of the Pig, just in case you were curious)

The other day, I was dropping off some clothes at the local thrift shop when I decided to look around. In their holiday section, they had a group of Christmas villages for sale. None of them matching but similar looking. They were all $2-3 a piece and I thought it would be cute to get a few and display them on the shelf in O's room where his dinosaurs normally reside. I also found a miniature horse and carriage as well as a tiny Santa that was perfect for the tiny village. For $25, I came away with all of this:

I think I'm done now...until next year :)

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