Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

Gone are the days of wild partying and staying up late....This New Year's Eve, we celebrated by "Riding the Wave"...the Seattle Link Light Rail. It runs between Westlake Center and Sea-Tac Airport. Owen loved looking out the window and chatting with the other passengers. I was concerned that we wouldn't be able to make the roundtrip as it's about 45 minutes each way but Big O did awesome (other than asking "get out? get out?" about 20 times at each stop). It was also a great way to see Seattle. We drove through some parts of the city that I rarely get to see on my own, and it was a great reminder that there is life off the plateau :)

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My So-Called Life, 2009

Or perhaps it is called, as most of my thoughts were centered around Owen, food, and the weather :) Who knew that somewhere out there in cyberspace, someone was keeping track of all your status updates?? It's a little creepy, but at the same time, very cool to look back on a year of reflection.


just got back from a run and can see why some people might like it ● is addicted to Etsy ● is SO SICK of the rain! blah! ● is excited for O's first swim lesson today!! ● is eating birthday cake for breakfast ● is looking forward to seeing everyone at the party tonight ● is sitting in the car in the garage because I don't want to wake O up ● just got back from swimming and is famished ● is feeling thankful to be a mom to such a sweet funny boy ● is wondering why a girl would make up a story about being kidnapped ● just bought a leash for O after talking to Jamie :)● Thinks her house is starting to resemble a daycare facility ● is wondering who came up with this 25 things list?? ● is sick of hearing about Jessica Simpson!! No one cares about her ugly jeans!! ● is happy that the sun is out! ● is sitting in the hallway folding laundry ad nauseum ● is making beef stroganoff for dinner...thanks Kari!! :) ● is laughing because someone opened a fake facebook account for Scott...who did it??!! ● thinks her husband is pretty cool to go along with all this tomfoolery ● is grateful for whoever created the Curious George show! ● hasn't had a haircut since Halloween-scary!!! ● is headed out to see Slumdog Millionaire with Angela ● O should be napping but he just climbed out of his crib and fell on the floor!! Ahhhh!!! ● is brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed. Great party Clarks!! ● is annoyed ● just made the best burgers for dinner!! ● day was a comedy of errors...sorry Katherine! :) ● is in love...with cinnamon chip bread...mmmmm... ● and Owen are rockin out to Kanye ● is not gonna let O eat m&m's on the couch again!! ● can't put this book down!!! Help! Need to sleep!! ● is having a party tonight to get rid of the 8 bottles of wine I aquired from bookclub!! ● has a sick :( ● is shopping online for the spring wardrobe ● thinks Pandora is really cool ● is gonna go to the beach and get a tan. Oh wait...I forgot...I'm in Seattle and it's snowing!!! Again!!! ● always does things last minute and is just now packing for Whistler! ● loves being on vacation!!! ● is reading a magazine with my feet up and watching the snow peaceful! ● Just got back from O's 18mo visit...27lbs and 34 inches tall! ● has her hands full with 2 crazy monkeys today!! Help!! ● is going to bed soon! ● loves Naptime...There IS a God!!!! Thank you! ● wishes the husband would quit stealing my Us Weekly's...busted!!! ● tried Huggies Overnights for a week and is NEVER using them again!! Little gel balls exploded all over O this morning and now he has a rash :( ● is booking my flight to Florida!! Yeah!!! ● Yesterday was not a good day for Big O...gelly ball rash AND a black eye!! Booo!!! ● is on the couch with a cup of tea and a magazine...good times!! ● is getting ready to head over to Daniel's for Happy Hour with friends ● is trying to decide if I should clean the house or go to the mall today?? ● has swept, mopped, scrubbed, vacuumed, dusted, laundered and is now sunbathing on my bed next to the window. Sad but true! ● is thinking about Easter brunch ideas... ● is thinking Maui in June... ● is going out for breakfast and then perhaps a stroll around the park... I love you sun!! ● is desperately seeking do you get your kid to take his medicine after you've tried hiding in icecream, chocolate sauce, milk, juice, and he's totally got your number...?!?! ● is headed to Bellevue Park to feed the ducks and have a picnic with my little man! ● is sitting in a lawn chair in my driveway ,ghetto style...Love Seattle!! ● is happy to start a bright new sunshiney day!!! ● packed away all the winter clothes in a fit of passion...out comes the puffy down jacket and turtleneck sweaters again :( ● just woke up after a crazy fun night with my favorite girls!! :) ● Tip for the day: if the label says "handwash only" you should probably follow it's advice ● is so thankful to be living in Seattle where the air is clean and crisp, we can drive to the ocean or the mountains and we get to experience all 4 seasons...sometimes all in one day! :) ● is having lunch with my nieces on Carillon Point ● is looking forward to spending a beautiful day with my son ● loves being vomited on first thing in the morning! Poor O ● is trying to stay positive despite the crappy weather and a pukey son & husband ● Owen has decided my computer does not need the 'shift' key anymore and ripped it out. How do I get it back on?? ● is trying to decide if a child with a grumbly tummy should be going to waterbabies today...ewwww.... ● is headed to the mall to find sunglasses for my trip tomorrow!! Woo hoo! ● is in a van with 5 girls driving to Key West ● Is cruisin Ocean Drive in South Beach ● just ended my Florida trip with an awesome boat ride. Thanks Kara & Aaron!!! ● is happy to be home in beautiful sunny Seattle! ● is thinking about Twix icecream bars. Mmmmmm... ● Why does every single piece of fruit have a sticker?? ● is going to bed tonight with my best friend...Vicks VapoRub ● REALLY needs to clean out my car!!! Gross! ● just had a great day at the beach with the gang! ● Happy Mother's Day to all my mamas near and far! ● is wondering what to wear for highschool bunko night??!! ● is wondering if O needs shoe charms for his new Crocs. Really?? ● had a great night with my buds, as usual. Now off to get a massage and new make-up at the Bobbi Brown counter! :) ● is just now putting O to bed...what a fun time we had...same place tomorrow? :P ● We will be at Pine Lake Park at 4:45 for play and picnic if anyone wants to join us! :) ● is watching O splash in puddles and collecting pinecones ● is excited to spend the weekend with our dear friends. Just not thrilled with all the work that goes into it, particularly packing for a small child ● A quick stop for coffee and then headed to the H's to caravan over to Winthrop! :) ● Is at my first rodeo...yee haw!! ● is playing around with my new camera :) ● Grilled cheese & ham with tomato soup for dinner! The perfect meal!! ● crossroads water park it is! We'll be there around 3! Come one, come all!! ● Too hot to sleep!! I'm not complaining though! :) ● Just heard "Ditty" on the radio. Ah memories! Summer is here!! ● O was presented with "The Busiest Patient" award at the Dr's office today...I'm such a proud mama :) ● Between Alds and Big O, I have had it with the snoring!! Let me sleep people!!! ● is leaving for P-town this afternoon and has not packed yet ● Just woke up in my sister's bed and now getting ready to go to breakfast. Mother's Bistro? ● is about to watch my brother-in-law get married :) ● just had a yummy dinner out and now off to dreamland... ● just watched the Sig Ep golf video...pretty funny stuff!! I'm sure the wives are so proud! ● Gonna spend some time at the bookstore...suggestions? ● Is watching the HAIL cover my skylights. Summer!!??? ● cheese-filled hotdogs...mmmm.... ● is drinking tea and reading about how to deal with terrible twos. Or just plain rotten in my case ● should NEVER attempt to bake again. I'll just stick to cooking ● loves that my mom friends feel inclined to bring beer when it's my turn to host a playdate. Awesome ● I turn my back for a SECOND and O has dumped out a whole bag of cheese puffs and stomped all over them with his bare feet. WHY?? ● Ryan Reynolds...yummy..... ● is in CDA for the weekend! ● is boating on Lake Coeur d' Alene ● watched a parade, ate hamburgers for lunch and will be watching the fireworks on the beach tonight...happy 4th everyone! ● is happy to be home and back on schedule. Too much sugar and not enough sleep is not good for anyone! ● is taking O to see Thomas the Train! ● On a ferry to bainbridge! ● 93 degrees...a G&T sounds really good right now!! ● is listening to all the neighborhood kids play and sing outside my bedroom window :) ● Thanks to our friend Jon for an awesome tour of the Bellevue fire station!! O loved it! ● The Hoedown was a time for bed!! Happy Birthday Jamie!! ● is watching a fascinating documentary of the disappearing honey bee ● is having dinner at Tutta Bella and The Bachelor is here! ● Slow melt popsicles rock!!! I bought them for O but I've eaten most of them! ● Off to see 500 days of summer...hope it's good! ● The boys are watching the BA's and I get to relax in my clean, quiet home. ahhh!!! ● had a great birthday dinner at Restaurant Zoe...thanks Uncle Rico and Auntie Kiki for baby-sitting!!! We won't even hold the black eye against you!! :D xxoo! ● Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday messages!! It was a great weekend!! ● So proud of myself for figuring how to add navigation buttons to my how do I add my posts to it?? ● Packing for Westport! ● Has anyone ever used the childcare at Fred Meyer?? Grocery shopping with a 2 year old is impossible!! ● My baby is 2!! How did that happen??! Happy Birthday Big O! ● Going to Costco today to use my coupon for glass snapware!! Yeah!! ● I need some volunteers to drink leftover wine from tonight's party...anyone?? ● Looking forward to the Mariner's game tonight! ● Big O had a great first day of school yesterday and today we have our first field trip to Remlinger Farm! :) ● The fed-ex guy just walked into my intricately strung cobwebs!! Sorry dude! ● Made it through the haunted house alive!!! SCARY but soooo much fun!!!! ● Excited to see Paranormal Activity tonight!! ● Didn't sleep at all last night because I was paralyzed with fear. I am getting way too old for scary movies!!! ● Parent-Teacher conferences today for my 2 yr old...seriously?!? ● Not sure how I feel about my son calling me "Tammy" ● Hoping the weather stays like this for trick-or-treating!! ● Had such a fun night with great friends and great kids! Now off to eat all of O's halloween candy! ● I'm super excited about the awesome fort I built for O! ● Gonna go have lunch at Five Guys...hope it's good!! ● okay...I might have to switch over to Team Jacob.... ● The boys are at the parade and I'm having a cup of coffee, listening to Christmas music and decorating the tree. I love this time of year!!! ● Just got O's progress report back. 2 of the very FEW things he has "mastered": "exhibits appropriate sense of humor" and "demonstrates balance (climb, kick, jump, hop)". I'm surprised "eats his body weight in snacks" isn't on there ● Look out comes Big O!!!! ● Taking O to Snowflake Lane tonight! Maybe it will snow for real! :) ● Looking forward to O's first school performance tonight! ● Hours after putting O to bed (or so I thought), I walk into my room and find him asleep in my bed...sneaky little thing! :) ● The Clarks always throw the best parties!!! Thanks for a great night! ● To Grandmother's house we go for a Chinese Christmas! :) ● Finally on the road after turning around 3 times for deodorant, sunglasses and spilled hot chocolate! ● Christmas decorations are all put away...ready for a fresh new year! ●

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmases Past

We went to see Santa today and it was about as painless as it gets, at least compared to last year's incident where we waited in line for 2 hours only to have Santa take one for the team in the family jewels department. The kid before us puked in his lap so it was not such a good day for Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. We were not entirely sure this year's excursion would turn out any better, but much to my surprise, Santa and his crew were incredibly accommodating. They were prepared with all the usual suspects to turn that frown upside down...bubbles, candy canes, stuffed animals, even a rocking horse.

O was skeptical when we walked into Santa's "workshop"

but Santa managed to woo him with a candy cane.

He grabbed the candy and immediately took 3 steps back. Can't fool Big O!

From there, the photographer grabbed her bubble machine and distracted O for a few seconds. Then we lured him toward the rocking horse and slowly pushed him closer and closer to Santa.

When Santa and O were finally face to face, the photographer tickled O with the stuffed animal and quickly snapped a few decent shots.

After that, the pair were best buds, laughing and giggling with each other.

O even gave Santa a hug as he was leaving.

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Christmases Past:

3 months old

15 months old

2 years old

Thursday, December 3, 2009

For Sale: Whiny 2 year old. Not potty trained but very cute.

Today was one of those days where I wanted to run away from home and never come back. It's not that the day itself was that's the accumulation of days upon days of the same whiny attitude, temper tantrums, insubordination, and general lack of disregard for my requests that has driven me to this point. The point where I want to run away to some remote island and live peacefully and quietly for the remainder of my life, or give him to a nice couple who have a never-ending supply of patience and the ability to speak in soft, calm voices at all times.

I'm kidding, of course.

I love my child. I really do. But that doesn't mean I have to go around skipping and singing when, for instance, my dear sweet son decides to draw a masterpiece all over my couch cushions... "Mama, draw couch! *proud grin*" Or when he asks for water and I give it to him in a sippy cup and he throws himself on the floor sobbing because he wants it in a "big boy cup". Or when he absolutely refuses to get in his carseat and there is a line of people waiting to take my spot and I have to "raise my voice" and wrestle him like a crazy person with half my body in the backseat and my ass sticking up in the air.

Yes, these are the things that cause me to send emails to my husband that say, "Not only do I want to get my tubes tied, I want to give away the one I already have." One being child, not tube. Just for clarification. And then of course, the day would not be complete without said husband rushing home from work early because I missed 5 of his calls while O and I were in a music class and he took this as a sign that we had both fallen down the stairs and were laying dead on the floor. True story.

But then my impossible child redeems himself by giving me one of his toothless grins and all is forgiven. My heart melts everytime he says, "Mama". I catch him singing (with his hands to his mouth like a microphone) about trucks and garbage cans and I am amazed that I was blessed with such an adorable, cheeky, sassy little boy.

To all of you people out there with more than one kid (and that number is growing exponentially every second in my circle of friends!!!) are my heroes. Honest to God, I don't know how you do it. You must have the patience of Job. I admire you. I really admire you.

Yes, he has stripped naked and is playing in the sink...again.