Saturday, October 31, 2009


For Halloween this year, Dana and I decided that it would be fun to dress our kids, Natalie and Owen, in coordinating outfits and go Trick-or-Treating together. She had this Cowgirl outfit for Natalie which contained all this rich history--she wore it, her sister wore it, and so on...naturally, that meant Big O was to be a Cowboy. Either that or a horse...but we didn't think it would be appropriate at their age. Maybe next year.

Then I decided that it would be even MORE fun to invite some of our friends over and have a Halloween party so we can ALL go trick-or-treating together! About a week before the party, I was seriously hating myself for setting this whole thing up. I didn't know what I was gonna do with all the kids, and the weather forecast was prediciting rain, rain, and more rain for the whole weekend. Truthfully, I almost called the whole thing off...but then I gave myself a pep talk and said, "The show must go on!" and forged ahead with the plans.

I am sure glad I did because everything kind of fell into place beautifully. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. The sun even popped out a few times today and by evening, the air was crisp and and clear. I borrowed a blow-up bouncy house from my friend Laura and set it up in the garage and it turned out to be a life-saver. The kids were able to shuffle back and forth from the house to the garage and had plenty to keep them busy and entertained while the adults enjoyed our beverages and treats.

Who says only kids get to have fun at Halloween??!

Flashback: T & D with the kiddos LAST YEAR!