Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Milkman

I started this blog (and named it accordingly) to celebrate the fact that we are now a formula-free household. No more cans of ridiculously expensive organic powdered milk will be consumed from now on! Well...for a while at least, but that's another subject I would prefer to avoid altogether! That's about $120 saved each month!!! No applause please! We've now moved on to whole milk, which is considerably cheaper, requires no mixing, and comes delivered right to our door! That's right folks! We have our own milkman!!...and that's not meant to be a metaphor! No...we get our milk and milk products from a local farm in Seattle called Smith Brothers Farms. In addition to being family-owned, they are the third largest dairy farm in Washington and the milk comes from their own, and free of hormones and antibiotics. They provide you with a cool, vintage looking, insulated box which you leave on your porch and every Friday the truck comes and leaves your order in the box. You can order anything from sour cream to orange juice, to cookie dough. There's no delivery charge and the prices are comparable to the grocery store. Why wouldn't you want to do this??!! Besides, I recently heard that it's really posh to have the Smith Bros box sitting on your porch...who would have thought that being lazy is also very cool??